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I'm a Caribbean based content creator, Francophile, & marketing exec by day who enjoys monthly spa sessions, flowers that spoil quickly and having fun with cooking whilst playing café jazz in the background. Welcome to this space. I hope your time here is inspiring and encouraging. Dive in. 



I decided to quit life coaching and in this post, I will be sharing why I started a lifestyle blog.

You would think that choosing a different direction in the online business world would be as easy, but it’s not. After 3-years in the coaching world, I decided on October 1st, 2020, to officially resign from it.

Many factors contributed to this decision, as well as I’d been thinking about it for a full year. In September of 2019, I began to lose the excitement and drive for life coaching, so I thought that if I got some inspiration, rehash my plan and start from scratch, things would fall into place. But they didn’t.

The more studies I engaged in, the less enthusiasm I had for it. The more I thought about launching a program, the more I felt overwhelmed. Heck, I couldn’t even make it through $US600 for a branding course, or a life coaching certification in the middle of a pandemic.

Until I found myself lying in my bed one Sunday morning and uttered the words out loud, and I quote, “are you even living?” end quote.

I was a bit surprised that I said it out loud. Honestly, I have been feeling exhausted and uninspired by life coaching more and more. And above all, coaching was costing me more than it was making me. In time, energy, and finance.

It’s a harsh reality that many coaches fail to admit, as they put their brands out there, build it up, and hope to reach the 6 figure mark. It takes a lot of work!

There was an inner dialogue of “I’m a failure, what would people think if I stopped, and I’ve been working on this for years, don’t quit”. And then, I chose to trust myself. I asked myself one question. How would I love to work?

The response – is to enjoy what I do. And the fact was, I was no longer enjoying it, so I made a decision. I took my own advice and stopped.

What Next? I Started A Lifestyle Blog.

Well, I could spend my time laying in bed when I’m not at the 9-5, but I actually enjoyed tapping into my creativity, so I made a second decision to go 4-years backward. 

Unconventional? Indeed, but a decision that boils to inspiration for life. Before I transitioned into the coaching world, I blogged. 

I wrote on lifestyle, style, and self-development. And truth be told, part of me feels like it was a mistake to shift, as I made more side hustle money blogging than coaching. Even as a coach, I made more money through my blog.

Don’t get me wrong, blogging does come with its share of stresses, just as coaching, but weighing the pros and cons, I will choose to blog. Pros in favor of my wellness.

Am I excited? Am I ready for a new path? YES. So this is a new chapter of my life, my content creation, and of my community. But first, I need a plan. And that’s the main focus of my first month as a lifestyle blogger “once again”.

I’ve never had to create a plan for blogging, but this time, I desire it to be an intentional chapter of my life. Where will it lead? I have no idea, but I think great things are on the horizon. I will be documenting this journey as I go along.

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