how to let go of your past

Why you should let go of your past baggage.



Letting go of the past.

Do you find it difficult to let go of your past baggage? I remember days when my neck back and shoulders would be so tight with so much pain I could barely move with ease.

I remember the spa masseuse recommending that I needed 3 back to back deep tissue treatments to remove the knots that could tie boats

I remember being so stressed with migraines I had to lay flat on the tiled floor cause I was on fire from the pain and painkillers weren’t kicking in yet

I remember that annual 3 years ago where my doctor told me that I needed to control the pressure or else I would have to be put on meds

My body has a funny yet accurate way of telling me to check-in, slow down there’s clutter to throw out. And I always listen…..before not as swiftly as I should, but not anymore.

Because now I don’t wake up with mini anxiety attacks, I am in the most peaceful state of my life ever and it’s my new normal.

LADIES BURN WHATEVER baggage holds you back…

When we think of the term ‘declutter’ we tend to associate it solely to physical clothes, books, etc..and that’s part of it but it stems deeper.

As women, we are prone to be more emotional and sometimes we hold unto resentments, fears, pains, drains and anger…plus more for way longer than needs be.

However; did you know that holding unto such negative energy is a detriment to your “success” or moving towards a big goal?

It poses as confusion & clutter which unfortunately results in stagnation and disappointment. What’s more surprising “to you maybe” is that we know EXACTLY all the forms of clutter we must let go of to create that mental, emotional and physical space to receive the desires we choose.

YEY, we CHOOSE to ignore them hoping that they will eventually fade away or even worse “fix itself”.

Here’s A quick journal prompt that I share with my clients.

🌹What emotional and physical drains are you carrying & why haven’t you let go of them?
🌹 What significance is it representing in your life and how will releasing that baggage help you level up quicker?
🌹And who/what do you need to let go of or forgive to feel that freedom?

That freedom, that space is what you need to receive and create everything you’ve been desiring to be or have in your life or business.

I would love it if you would share in the comments how you’re decluttering your life as the second half of the year kicks in.

#throwbackthursday 📸 from 2016 || Montmartre Paris

p.s. Watch this video below where I share the top 5 baggage we hold unto that keeps then from creating success in their lives and business.

p.p.s letting go of your limitations & blocks is the first atelier we dive deeply into redefining and cleaning when we work together in my signature coaching mastermind “The Elegant Success Atelier“.

Inside atelier 1 you will get vulnerable with your limitations & fears in order to forgive & cleanse. You will:

  • Identify the top baggage you’re carrying that are sabotaging your growth in your business
  • Troubleshoot the recurring patterns you’re tolerating that keeps you in hiding, people-pleasing, overgiving, and shaming yourself for wanting more riches and success.
  • Unlock the hidden scarcity blueprint embedded in your soul from birth + release it with guilt-free unapology.
  • Learn the truth about why you’re afraid to fully embrace your power, and values as a woman in all your rawness & how not doing so keep you in a perpetual state of accepting scraps

    Going through this module prepares you to embody your inner queen and to begin operating as a CEO in your Life! Upon enrollment, you receive immediate access to the pre-work in this module. 

What’s available for you when you choose to let go of your baggage

My desire for you is to create a life of flow and build your business around it and it not the other way around. To ensure that you’re making YOU a priority so that you don’t activate that deplete, overgiving obsession you have just to be validated.

If you feel like this might be what you need right now, learn more right here to see if it’s the right fit.

Let’rewriting your story, now is the best time. Join the conversation below sharing your biggest takeaway.

xx Bisous.

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