I help women cultivate their iconic lives filled with pleasure, passion, energy & fun!

    You’ve been taught to give so much of you, yet so little to you!

    It's Time To Create A Higher Quality & Beautiful Life!

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You don’t feel that you can set any goal and achieve it

You don’t feel like your dream lifestyle will ever manifest

You’re stuck in what seems like a never ending rerun of a bad sitcom

You’ve tried the quick solutions, books, but nothing sticks…

I’m going to help you create a map that is specific to you, your needs, your desires and your personality


You finally woke up from a 6 month dream & your life is completely different! In fact, it’s the life you’ve written about for the last few years. You’re filled with energy instead of pain and dread. Your day is filled with meaning doing the work you love with more passion and dedication. Your confidence & courage is refreshingly powerful. And you’re so aligned with your core value and beliefs., Your goals are massive activated in reality, You have a new routine that feels NATURAL… It’s EXCITING & LIBERATING!

There is an array of content and tools on this platform to guide you into activating your new life, but nothing beats actually experiencing it hands on. So I would love to extend an invitation to sit and chat with me about how we can get your process going over virtual tea, beer or coffee. But to begin, here’s who I work with.



Coaches, Life-Changers , Career Executives, Brick & Mortar Business Women

I love exploring new destinations & life maps with highly ambitious and driven career women or female entrepreneurs who have lost their spark. Woman who are stuck in the hopeful nice girl situation thinking that someone will save her. Woman who are exhausted of being the hero to everyone else whilst her life suffers depth and excitement. And above all, women who are ready and committed to going the extra mile & doing the work. Below you will find the available courses, programs and ways to work together. Pick your fancy & follow the map. Are we going to go on an adventure together?

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Menellia Only Works With Those Ready To Go To The Next Level. Her Clients Tend To Already Know They Want Her As Their Mentor And Strategist. If You’re Just Curious, But Not Committed, Now May Not Be The Right Time For Having Menellia As A Coach. If You’re Still Trying To Figure Out If Menellia Is The Right Fit For You, Please Review Her Bio And Dive Into Her Blogcast Episodes Here On The Blog, Join Here Live Weekly Over On Facebook And Definitely Sign Up For The Weekly Notes. You May Also Enjoy Reading The Success Stories Of Those Who Have Been Able To Answer Their Wake Up Calls, Create More Balance, Respect And Love In Their Lives And Show Up With Courage And Clarity As Their Iconic Selves.


This Is An Elevation To Emotional Liberation, & Creating Your Empowered Life Through Shedding Your Blocks, Healing Your Traumas, & Embracing Your Core Desires With Confidence Whilst Ditching Your Energy Zappers & Drama Forever In Style! See the 2 Options To Help You With Healing, Reconnecting, Unearthing Your Feminine Essence & Exploring The Creation Of Your New Abundant & Pleasure Filled Life & Mindset!

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the desires playdate 90 minute coaching intensive!

You’re still in the awareness Stage of your journey and considering changing your routine of burnout and drains. But you’re not sure where to begin just yet. You desire to understand your vision for your craved lifestyle, whilst playing with the tools that will begin to drive change in order to take that giant leap. if this resonates you.. start with the 90 minute intensive The Desires Playdate!

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the iconic life by design 90 day coaching experience!

You’ve decided that you’re ready to Fully commit to elevating your life and finally shed the shackles of drains, pains & Burn-out Of Your Hopeful Nice Girl. You want to Embrace and practice the art of living well, & you know that 1:1 support will be a great asset to your journey. Your wish is to ensure that Every Detail you’re about to incorporate into your new life feels like A Stroke of A Paint Brush on Canvas Until your MASTERPIECE Is Created.

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