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I’m Menellia A Lifestyle Success Coach To Quarter Life Drained Women!


It takes courage to take off the mask of perfection these days…

Pack the baggage & get your passport ready for the best trip of your life!

“We’re taught to be the hero to everyone else as women yet almost no one teaches us to be the hero to ourselves. Take care of everyone, you’re the leader, set an example, everyone first and then you can take care of you? Yet, the softness required to take care of you has been so hardened for decades, that it becomes lost in translation. This is when we tend to break down…..

That's where I come in.

The Elegant Success Atelier is a haven for all things self care, passion & personal confidence for quarter life drained women like you…

Finding your voice, and putting you first is the driving factor behind creating a life you’re the driver of!. So when I could not do any of that, I turned to writing out my emotions on a little blog..

A decade later into the personal development world, I’m here to teach emotionally drained women how to redefine their lives through activating passion filled goals and prioritizing their self care.

The end result, “Energy. Purpose…and that breath of liberation!


Grab a cup & here’s the Story..

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Before Transformation.png

Past Party Lover, People Pleaser, Emotion Masker…

I was never the girl who spoke up for herself. I allowed others to say as they pleased, do as they pleased & I put everyone else but myself first. From party obsessed emotional meltdown during my own quarter life when everything fell apart in 2012.

The job, the apartment, the relationship, and the health. My stress & sadness levels went from zero to 100 in a matter of a month & it was in that moment that I realised that I was NEVER really taking care of myself. I was simply passing the time by!

In that moment I gave myself complete permission to elevate…AND IT WAS SCARY! I took a huge leap of faith “filled with prayers” and dedicated the next 7 years to my personal growth

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Then…I Became Someone I’ve Never Been…

After finding my footing, I started to discover the law of attraction, the art of manifesting and watched the movies ‘Funny Face & Breakfast At Tiffany’s On repeat”. That Year, I created my very first vision board and everything on there contained “French elements, healthy living & abundance”. I enrolled in French language classes, joined a pen pal site, exchanged letters & lived just for me…

The framework cultivated - create a vision, embraced my core desires and make it a daily habit to cultivate more joy in my life from there on out! In 2015, I won an apartment stay in Paris for a month, landed at Paris Orly in July 2016, bought myself my very first bouquet of flowers, chilled out in my apt tub, champagned it up and went to a fashion show. Fall 2017 I returned with my mom and sisters and in that moment I knew that my calling was to teach women how to do the same!

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After Transformation.png

& Now, I Laugh & Live More…

My journey through the years have been a wild but fun one! Through enrolling in programs such as Tonya’s Slim Chic & Savvy, & Brendon Burchards HPMonthly membership my confidence spiked, my grace with life mellowed, and my passion for self development enhanced. The Elegant Success Atelier was created to activate that mission. But this is only the beginning. As a Caribbean living Francophile, I once thought that I MUST move to Paris in order to fully live out that desire but ç'est pas comme ça. Embracing the culture now comes so easy today through daily mindfulness, remaining grounded in my routine and ensuring that I am intentional in my actions. This space is NOT to transform you into become a Franco “of course” that would be fun” but to help you define your own version of Elegant Success….



The last 2 years provided me the avenue to begin coaching & supporting women globally “something I never imagined” but the process has helped me refine the framework to be as unique as possible to every woman who steps into the Atelier…..”

If you’re ready to finally create the freedom you’ve been looking for from your Quarter Life Drain… you’re in the right place!


Picture It

You Wake Up Energised Instead Of Groan
You Leap Out Of Bed To Journal Your Next Goals Action Step
You Progress Through The Day On A High “Sans Cafe”
And You End The Day In A Tub, Bubbles High, Cafe Jazz In The Back, & A Glass Of Champagne
”The Best Part….It’s A Regular Feeling To Be Fulfilled!

Here’s An Easier Way I’ve Found That Helps Activating That Life!
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