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I’m Menellia Valcent, Caribbean based lifestyle & mindset makeover coach for busy corporate women who desire to slow down more & enjoy life,; but don’t know where to get started. I started my blog 10 years ago as an avenue to find my voice, release my then internal ugly emotions and simply journal out my thoughts. I didn’t know that it would be seen by others AT ALL….NOR did I expect it to become my life passion & purpose.

Fast forward to today, I’ve used my lessons as milestones, transitioned into life coaching and have spend the last 2 years inspiring thousands of women & in replacing their self sabotaging beliefs, feelings and habits with lives they love.

Bonjour To Life was created as an haven of support for women who desire to infuse passion into intentional living, self care, elevating a mindset for lasting change and creation of goals that excites them.

I know personally what it’s like to endure what might feel like never ending emotional drain, or feeling that life simply has forgotten you and now you’re at crossroads, or you’re so deeply buried in the busyness of work that you have no idea where to begin as it pertains to living fully!

It is my mission to help YOU bridge the gap between that & actually implementing the tools & resources to help YOU activate a life of fun, pleasure and passion. My journey has had many twists and turns ESPECIALLY DURING THE LAST 5 YEARS…“HATED & Cried Not So Secretly At My Job For A FULL Year, Adrenaline Fatigue, Unhappy, Broke, and Confused About My Life”. Today I help high achieving women create more passion, pleasure and joy in their everyday lives, whilst activating a mindset of growth & abundance!

Bonjour & Welcome!

Quick Faves & 411’s About me

  • Treat: Dark Chocolate “anything” & A Charcuterie Board

  • TV Show : The Nanny , The Tudors & Les Reines Du Shopping “French style show”

  • Vacay Spot : Paris My Love & Right Here On My Sunny Island

  • Holiday : Christmas “Family & Food Time yayy”

  • Beverage : Cappuccino & Wine

  • Movie : Breakfast At Tiffany’s & Troy

  • “I May be A Cliche” ^_^ & I Speak 2.5 Languages “English, French Creole - native & Intermediate French”

The Promise & Mission:

Teaching Women How To Become Their Own Lifestyle Connoisseurs Through The Art Of Personal Mastery & Intentional Living! #CreateBalance&Flow!

What To Expect In The Bonjour To Life Content & Coaching Experience?

Everything I share or teach follows 4 main themes as highlighted below with the ultimate aim of helping you rebuild a love affair with yourself and your life so that you can continue to do the work you love and support your inner circle without sacrificing YOU… These includes:

  • Self Care For More Fulfillment & Daily Grounding, Habits & Alignment For More Graceful Elegance & Energy.

  • Success Principles & Habits & Mindset Transformation For Cultivating Growth & Lasting Lifestyle Changes.

  • Self Discovery, Goals & Desires Mapping For Elevated Abundance, Passion & Purpose In Your Life & Work.

  • Sensuality For Creating Stronger Connection To Your Feminine & Your Relationships As Well As Confidence Building.

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My weekly curated collection of lifestyle tips, with guidance on how to use the informational notes sent to you to create your own success blueprint. To begin, I share with you my 4 steps to release your self sabotaging thoughts, feelings & behaviors in order to create a life of beauty, balance and bliss! Check it out!

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