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How I’m Aging Gracefully & Mindfully – Skin Regimen.




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I'm a Caribbean based content creator, Francophile, & marketing exec by day who enjoys monthly spa sessions, flowers that spoil quickly and having fun with cooking whilst playing café jazz in the background. Welcome to this space. I hope your time here is inspiring and encouraging. Dive in. 


At the age of 35, one thing has been top of mind. Maintaining good health and living well. For the most part, I’ve always been one to obsess a bit over my health, but the last year specifically has been amped a bit.

Not just physical, but also emotional, spiritual, and mental. When we think of healthy living, we focus solely on the outside, and how we look. And I have been guilty of that.

I have allowed negative energy, and situations that affected my emotional and mental health in the past, but the older I got I realized that I had a choice.

I somewhat think of this year as a year of growth and balanced living for me as I start from scratch somewhat, by being intentional about how I live. A few things I have done so far and intend to grow into more are skincare, internal health, working out mindfully, relaxing and grounding my energy, and building a personal relationship with God on a deeper level.

I will make this a series of posts, but today, I want to talk about SkinCare.

My Skincare Regimen

I have never had a skincare regimen apart from the weekend masking. I never moisturized, massaged, steamed, or pay attention to the products I used. That was until a skin reaction to I don’t know what a few years ago, that left my confidence feeling attacked.

As I eased out of the ordeal, wearing makeup went out the window for a year, until I was comfortable enough to be using them again. I have tried a few products, mostly Neutrogena; however, I want to dive deeper into clean beauty products and also products suitable for my age. I have realized that what worked for me then, does not work for me now. Lately, my skin has been dull, dry, uneven, and hyperpigmented.

As I continue my research process before testing, a few lines have come up. I am currently testing out Pixi beauty and next Olay, Clarins, and Caudalie are currently awaiting my “buy now push of a button”.

My goal is to build a medical grade and clean type skincare range on my bathroom counter and to have supple, vibrant, hydrated, and youthful skin.

I tested the hydrating kit and the toning kit which contained the glow tonic and mud mask, the retinol tonic and moisturizer, and the hydrating milk cleanser, moisturizer, and tonic. So far, it has helped with hydration and dullness.

Shop Pixie Beauty Below.

Other factors that affect my skin.

I’ve also been testing out face massage, thus giving it that extra TLC, and have noticed a slight difference. Of course, I am jumping onto the roller and gua sha trend but I am excited to test it out and embrace it upon receipt of my order. On the inside, mindful eating. I’ve limited alcohol “wine mostly” from my diet to the only occasional moments and switched out my morning coffee booster for a green juice.

I will say that my body is currently in a withdrawal state, but we’ll get there. Sleeping also has a huge part to play in it, but I will go deeper into another part of this series. In the meantime, check out this post on how to fall asleep faster if you’re struggling.

Have you tried pixie beauty or any clean beauty lines? I would love to know your favorites.

xx Menellia.

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