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Menellia Valcent

In her 9-5 she’s a Marketing Coordinator, but her passion for helping women succeed in their personal lives started long before she was introduced to life coaching. Combining her 10 year experience as a lifestyle blogger & her training with top success coaches Brendon Burchard & Tonya Leigh; Menellia Valcent is a Caribbean living lifestyle makeover & success coach making vulnerability, mindset shifting, goal crushing & creating success fun & impactful for women! She is a certified professional in Supervisory Management via the University of the West Indies & works closely with her women via 1:1 coaching, in person intensives, & her digital courses. When she’s not working or coaching, she spends her time indulging in french TV series, listening to café jazz or absorbing some style inspiration from bloggers.  She also a regular contributor to Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global platform & has been featured or published on Self-Development Secrets, ChoiceTV Saint Lucia, Radio Caribbean International, Sivana East, Jennifer Hardie's Unstoppable podcast, Business Focus Saint Lucia & The Huffington Post. To download her free journal prompts "10 questions to ask for a 360 degree turn in life" visit here!!. Also, don't forget to join The Elegant Success Atelier 'Facebook Group' for weekly coaching & monthly soirees! Join Here!



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