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Pampering myself on a regular basis is one of my non-negotiables throughout 2021. And whilst I do splurge on monthly body treatment “have you watched this vlog as yet?“, I do enjoy the in-between sessions and making them top priority.

As I age gracefully, quality products have also been placed at the top of my list especially when it comes to body & skincare. I love the energy and option of incorporating some form of luxury into my daily life even if it’s the simplest way.

When I stumbled upon Rituals Cosmetics at the local Duty-Free store a few months ago I tried a gift set including the body wash, hand wash, scrub, and lotion. I instantly fell in love. However, living on a small island does have its limitations, in this case being variety.

My first use was the Sakura range, which was very sweet and flirty from its cherry blossom range, but I was keen to learn more about the brand and also, what other offerings it provided. After signing up, I was hooked and so was my credit card, but my body loved it. Have you watched this unboxing/haul video as yet?

I believe that every woman should indulge in a weekly if not daily self-pampering regimen. Our bodies constantly need TLC and what better way to infuse that than through self-maintenance. From exfoliating, to deep moisturizing and investing in sensual sleepwear, making your at-home pampering time can be so much fun when you think outside the box.

Upgrading your self-care routine at home doesn’t have to be expensive or over the top. Start with the basics, pedicure, facial, body scrub, and manicure; then add on slowly. You will be amazed by how different and alive you feel just from a simple shift. That’s why I love Rituals products. Their range supports – body, face, and even home.

Do you actively practice self-care & self-maintenance? It used to be part of my daily regimen until I fell off the wagon. What I learned was that, if I didn’t take care of my mind, body, and soul, actively, I would burn out.

Getting back into that habit has not only helped with relaxation and grounding but also my creativity & productivity. If you choose to create a self-care routine, start with the one that begins upon first waking in the mornings.  How to begin this? It’s important to self-check-in. How are you feeling? Get your thoughts on paper, see where you need realignment.

Be wary of the external content you’re consuming, as energy is energy. Ensure that it’s positive and uplifting.  
Creating a non-negotiable morning routine will not only inspires your sanity but also your overall health.

Have you started a self-maintenance and self-care regimen? And if you have, how are you upgrading your pamper sessions at home? Share below.

Bisous. M.

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. These are products I truly love and have absolutely no business relationship with the brand. “yet”.

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  1. Kasha says:

    Self-care is so important in this chaotic world. I’ve never tried Rituals but it sounds divine. Great post. Will give them a checkout.

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