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When it comes to skincare, I’m a newbie. I’d never been interested in developing a routine until 2019 when I developed a really bad reaction from I’m not sure what. My skin went from clear, problem-free “not even a pimple” to full-blown hormonal type acne in a weekend. I’m almost sure that it was as a result of a makeup product I used, as I filmed that day, and woke up to a rash on my chin the following morning.

Jan 16

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Nov 26

Nov 3

Let’s talk about burnout & how to overcome burnout. How do you slow down when everything gets exhausting and your body takes a toll. At the start of the year, I deleted my website and took a step back from everything. I started to say au revoir to the world of coaching at the start […]

overcoming burnout

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With a shift in my daily operations due to Covid-19, I’ve been working from home since March. And I was starting to feel a lack of connection from the human world. And so I turned to social media. However; I began to feel overwhelmed by the constant use of my phone and the unhealthy amount of time I was spending on social media, specifically Instagram. So I detoxed!

Sep 16

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