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For Email & Business Management. I use the GSuite platform for both my professional email, and managing my files, business plan, contracts etc. There's an business entry level & enterprise tier. I use the business entry for only $6 monthly. 

I use Flodesk for my email marketing, workflows, sharing freebies & audience management. Get 50% off your first year with this link.

For traffic and marketing our content, I primarily use Pinterest. But that can be time consuming, so I use 2 tools. Canva to create pins, & Tailwind to schedule sharing, grow my reach & track my progress. Get a free month using this link.

Because I take on a few private clients a year, for meetings I use Zoom. Zoom is easy to use, free, and you can record your meetings for future referencing.

Because I also run courses & trainings some of which are paid, I use Vimeo to host & privatize the videos students purchase &  use Thinkific to manage courses. 

The website - The website & blog is hosted on ShowIt & I love it. If you're not super tech savvy however, I recommend Squarespace; which is similar, but more user friendly for beginners. For a free month of ShowIt- sign up through here.

And if you're thinking of creating or growing your YouTube channel, use TubeBuddy to help with SEO, Keywords, and growing your channel. You also get access to some perks from top YouTube resources through this platform. 

I've have tried many business tools as both a blogger and lifestyle mentoring over the years to help manage & grow my brand. Some have been epic fails, and some I just love. These tools listed here are some of my favourites & I actively use them daily. Note that some of these contain affiliate links, therefore; if you sign up using my referral I will be paid a commission at no extra cost to you. To look up, or purchase OUR favourite tools referenced, simply click the logos highlighted below.

My Top Tools

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