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7 Fashion Accessories Under $100 You Need!


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Fashion accessories are an essential way to spice up your outfits. While I believe in a budget-friendly style, that doesn’t mean I skimp on quality. So if you’re on a budget, here are seven fashion accessories under $100 you need from Amazon.

1. The Classic Chic Quilted Chain Bag

We all need a classy everyday rendezvous bag that switches from day to night. I battled over whether I grab this one for months. I spent time reading the reviews, browsing customer photos, and waiting for a price drop over the holiday season before I bought it. It’s sturdy, chic, and a Chanel Dupe.

2. The Tote Bag

Now while I made this purchase from H&M, there are more than 100 classy tote bags or shopper bags you can find from Amazon. These are essential wardrobe staples, especially if you’re a corporate girl. The bag you can throw in your lunch, laptop, and purse with space left over. It’s also great if you get these in two neutral colors to add some versatility to your outfits with ease.

3. The Structured Handbag

Want to upgrade your appearance from relaxed to boss-babe or serious business? That is the bag you need. This handbag is well-made, sturdy, and structured, not to mention beautiful. You don’t have to opt for a light color, and if you’re not on a super tight budget, I’d highly recommend getting this in multiple variations.

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4. The Classic Ballet Flats

If you’re looking for French chic, Chanel-esque style in a ballet flat, this one IS THE ONE! So gorgeous that I purchased it twice. While ballet flats may not be the most comfortable for most people, especially if you’re on foot for long periods, it elevates a monochrome look. It’s an essential piece to pull Princess Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn style (my go-to). These are comfortably cushioned, stylishly quilted in design, and under $100.

5. The Penny Loafer/Moccasin

Next up is the ballet flat’s cousin – the penny loafer. These provide a bit more structure to an outfit. Ballet flats add a feminine edge, whereas penny loafers add that masculine. At first, they may not be the most stylish if you love more of a romantic feel with your outfits, but they’re worth it. And if you’re trying to pull off an old-money aesthetic, loafers and moccasins are your go-to and one of the must-have fashion accessories under $100.

6. The Basic Pump

Every girl who wants to look classy and polished at work, business, meetings, or networking needs a pair of pumps, and they don’t have to be 6 inches tall. These super cute and walkable pairs from Amazon are affordable and come in a neutral variety. Hands down, the classic pump IS a must-have fashion accessory!

7. The Oversized Sunglasses

These are and always will be essential. Make it stylish, but also know your face structure to make it work. Have more of a rounder or androgenous-shaped face like myself? These are perfect for you.

Bonus throw in – the Silk Scarf.

Versatile and stylish, a silk or satin scarf adds some pizazz to your hair, your bag, your neck, or your wrist. Besides, it’s essential for a capsule wardrobe.

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